Lenny Ryan -

Let’s Do It Again            

Timati & Snoop Dogg ft Wolffman - Groove On             

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Backsnap - Mash Di Place (ft. Jr. Kenna)

Backsnap is formed by Idries Sheik and Raoul Sheik.

This remarkable connection is very much present on stage since they have been known for spinning back to back.

In 2015 they forgot all about the oil industry and entered the music industry under the name Backsnap.

Their motto ‘Live like a Sheik’ is what they convey through their music.

Grab your copy of Mash Di Place NOW!

Release Nov 25 2016

Label: Spang Records

Distribution: Wemusic Company

Asino & Wolffman ft. Beautox Riot - Control

Wolffman & Boy Face

ft. Kevin Lyttle & Rootsy - Busy

Wolffman & Freddy Moreira

Wine Like An Animal ft. Shockman

Wolffman ft. Phat Baker

Just Friends

Wolffman & Freddy Moreira

Dont Look Any Further ft.Shockman, Jeamar & Irma Derby

Shockman vs Boo-B & Wolffman

When We Pull Up

Mad Gyal ft. Wolffman &

Jason Imanuel - Work

Wolffman // Recline - Life





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