Lenny Ryan -

Let’s Do It Again            

Timati & Snoop Dogg ft Wolffman - Groove On             

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Freddy Moreira & Capital Candy ft. Patexx - Mood For Lovin’

Hot shot Freddy Moreira joins forces with Capital Candy and Patexx to get you in the mood for lovin’! This dancehall tinged tune is uplifting from the start with its exotic vocals and positive sounds. It leads up to a powerful drop that will make people dance their asses off and will make you experience hot temperatures for sure! Get ready for Mood For Lovin’!

Release Jul 28, 2017. Spanish v. Oct 20, 2017

Label: Future Body Sound / Spinnin Records

Handeling: Wemusic Company

Asino & Wolffman ft. Beautox Riot - Control

Wolffman & Boy Face

ft. Kevin Lyttle & Rootsy - Busy

Wolffman & Freddy Moreira

Wine Like An Animal ft. Shockman

Wolffman ft. Phat Baker

Just Friends

Shockman vs Boo-B & Wolffman

When We Pull Up

Mad Gyal ft. Wolffman &

Jason Imanuel - Work

Wolffman // Recline - Life




english version

spanish version


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